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About CLK Group

CLK GROUP is backed by a broad international network and maintains excellent contacts with various companies in healthcare and modern inovative and sustainable builders throughout Europe.

We operate for various partners in the elderly-healthcare industry.

We believe that the art of design / architecture, related to his environment and care, is one of the most important keys in a development for elderly and disabled people. That means that we work closely together with a couple of architectural design companies. But also technical design which can provide the newest energy technology.


Integrated Design

All our projects are based on the integrated design procedure in wich we combine:

  • Ecological
  • Social scienes
  • Economy

In close cooperation with a management system. By using our design method the main area’s and functions are “in tune” with each other.


We believe that when thinking from the human and social perspective every challenge or issue, however complex, should be seen in its totality in order to be able to achieve the correct, responsible balance between emotion, ecology and economy.


That is why we have put together a team of visionary experts who are able to see the big picture and who, together, can devise, achieve and manage the best total solution.


Working on the basis of a new design vision and the correct modularisation with a monitored onus of proof, developments are made in a circular, process-oriented and industrial way because only that can result in the most sustainable living environment with the most vitality.


Questions? Send us an e-mail or call for more information.